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Tile Ceramic

Tile-ceramicTile ceramic edging of Orego Metal Co. has two edges-one is straight edge and other is smooth rounded edge. The straight edge of ceramic Tile edging is kept beside the normal ceramic tile, where as the smooth edge is placed towards the outside so that formation of sharp edge is prevented and in addition it provides a finished artistic look. The smooth rounded edge is referred as bull-nosed edge. Edging of This type is almost seen in the surrounding area of shower stall, bathtub, or bathroom walls as it offers waterproofing effect as well as you can easily clean it.

For back splashes, Tile edging can be constructed with numerous materials although ceramic is the maximum used material. Glass mosaics, natural stone, or metals such as tin may be used to make tiles. The edging and tiles are put together in place with the help of mastic adhesive and left it for drying for several hours. Once it is dried completely, grout is pressed inside the cracks, which are present between each tile so as to generate a sealing effect. In case of tin tiles, you can use small nails instead mastic in order to promote a rustic look.

Ceramic tiles are affordable and promote a versatile alternative against expensive materials such as marble or granite that are used for countertop. Installation of ceramic tiles on the new countertop’s surface is a quite simple process that involves standard tiles installation process along the edges, which leads to sharp, hard corners. You can explore ceramic tile installation process with the different edge treatments ideas offered by Orego Metal Co. for your ceramic countertops in order to enhance safety measurement as well as incorporate comfort, and aesthetics.

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