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Aluminium Edge Trim

Aluminum-edge-trimAluminum tile trim is nothing but a protector that provides protection against chipping or fracture of the edge of the tiles that are installed on the floor. Edge of the tiles gets damaged due to intense pressure that the traffic is going to exert on their everyday’s use. Aluminum edge trim is used in those areas where there is a high humidity and using of other metal edge suffers from corrosion. Aluminum edge trim works well in those places for its protective property against rust. The tile trim offered by Orego Metal Co. provide protection against tile’s edge damage. Orego Metal Co. offers Aluminum Tile trims that promotes safeguard to the tile edge.

The tiled floors if installed with tile trim provide a waterproof application and Orego Metal Co. offers a wide range of collection for tile trim from  gold, chrome, bright anodized, to matt effects with various design and size to meet the desired requirement of customers for its widespread applications. Aluminum Tile trims not only provides the protective measurement but also give an extra ordinary look to your floor.

Tile trims are very useful for those places where there tiled floors’ height differ from the rest portion. For most designers, aluminum edge trim gains its popularity as it is easy to use. If the design that you are going to install, shaped with rounded edges, the aluminum edge trim works good. It can easily manipulate this particular pattern of design to give the desired shape Aluminum edging profiles if installed on all the four sides of the wall where tile work is going to be done ensures that no edge work will destroy over time. The additional help that aluminum edge trim does is that it will hold the installed tiles up firmly and maintain a straight line.

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